World’s best coated film space ratio by the large midair beads

THERMBLOCK achieves high thermal insulation by the function of the special large midair beads.


More than 85% of reflective rate
* When white paint is used.

THERMBLOCK achieves more than 85% its heat reflective
rate by the function of oxidized titanium. It reflects the sun heat
and prevents heat from going inside the building.

No water permeability but moisture permeability

THERMBLOCK can be used for a leakproof purpose but helps
create a comfortable internal environment because it lets
moisture go through. No coating pus occur as well.
Approximately 10dB of sound insulation

As the special large midair acrylic beads, THERMBLOCK blocks
sound leaking from the wall or roof or noises and rain sounds
coming in to the inside.
Characteristic More than 15 year long durability
*Test results by Japan Paint Inspection and testing Association

THERMBLOCK went through 3000 hours of the examination to maesure
the durability by articially replicating the weather conditions and
promoting deterioration of the coated surface. It protects the building
over a long time and prevents from degradation.
Characteristic Almost like waterproof agent

THERMBLOCK ahieves more than 200% of expansion and
contraction ratio, which prevents the building from wall
cracks. It can be applied on tents as well.
Characteristic More than 3 times as JIS

THERMBLOCK’s high adhesibility has been proven by the test
by Japan Industrial Standard. No primer will be necessary if
the foundation is metal.
Characteristic Best content of the large midair beads

By the large midair beads and radiation heat (directly transferred heat) of acrylic resin, the building can stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
Characteristic Effective to store radiation heat

As the heat retention function by the special large midair
beads and acrylic resin, THERMBLOCK prevents the coated
surface from getting cold, which suppresses dew drops.
Characteristic Environment-friendly

THERMBLOCK basically diffuse no formaldehyde, which is
toxic to people. It is a human-friendly paint.